Variable air volume regulator. Designed to maintain the set value of air volume in ventilation systems with variable air volume. For air ducts of direct section.
Артикул: ARPD0273


The signal determines the required amount of air volume, based on the needs of each particular room. The signal is comes to the controller from various elements of the control system. The pressure drop on the measuring elements appears, the value of which is transferred to the measuring converter. Both the calculation of the actual air volume and its comparison with the specified parameters is performed here. Next, the value of the control system parameter deviation is formed, that results in a change of the throttle valve position.


  • The air volume setpoint can be changed by a signal from an external sensor, controller or dispatch system.

  • Responds to the changes in the heat load of each separate rooms or areas of the building and changes the actual amount of air supplied to the room or area.

  • Energy savings of up to 25%. The system works at the general value of an air flow lower than is needed for total maximum heat load of all separate rooms. Thus, air consumption is significantly reduced, comparing to the total maximum heat load of all separate rooms.

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