Constant air volume regulator. Designed to maintain the set value of air volume in ventilation systems with constant air volume. For rectangular air ducts.
Артикул: ARPD0274


The task of the terminal is to maintain a set amount of supply and exhaust air depending on current needs. The required air volume is determined by the value of the external control signal. This signal comes to the controller from the temperature regulators, CO2 sensors or other elements of the control system installed in the premises of the building.


  • Quality electric rotary actuator for precise control of the system.

  • Simplified ordering process based on standard sizes.

  • air flow rates from 108 m3 / h to 30,600 m3 / h

  • The CAV controller allows two fixed modes of operation with different supply air volumes.

  • The use of CAV regulators guarantees the client a flexible and self-balancing ventilation system that precisely ensures the specified air exchange in the premises.

  • For round ducts from Ø 125 - 400 mm

  • For rectangular ducts from a section of 200x100 to 1000x1000 mm

    Material of construction

    The valve body and flap are made of galvanized sheet steel;

    The damper blade is equipped with a sealing rubber and also a seal on both sides of the product.
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