Centrifugal rectangular duct fans with blades bent backwards, of SV series based on EC-motor with external rotor. They are used for supply and exhaust ventilation and air conditioning systems fin premises of various purposes, which require a reliable and efficient solution.
Артикул: ARPD0275


These are high-efficiency energy-saving fans with an impeller with backward-curved blades and an electronically commutated motor. They are the most advanced solution in the field of energy saving. The case of the fan is made of galvanized steel.

Electronics module of the fan provides the following functions:

  • constant parameters at voltage jumps 380 + -10% V;

  • smooth start;

  • protection against blocking of a motor wheel;

  • emergency relay output when the voltage in the network decreases / increases or the phase disappears;

  • protection against overheating of the motor and the electronics module

  • wide range of rated voltage: 1 ~ 200..277V or 3 ~ 380 + -10%V, at a frequency of 50/60 Hz;

  • built-in protection against overheating of the motor and electronics, as well as protection against blocking of a rotor;

  • low noise level in low speed mode;

  • long service life (more than 80,000 hours of continuous operation) due to the lack of parts that are subject to rapid wear;

  • minimal energy losses.

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