Electric heater SHE

Electric heater SHE

By default, the heating elements in all electric heaters are connected in groups of three tubular electric heaters in a triangle shape with a voltage of 380 V.
Артикул: ARPD0283

Operating parameters:

• Maximum temperature: + 65°С, + 90°С.

• Output signal: "dry" contact ", without voltage (switching contact).

• Rated operating voltage: 20V DC, 230V AC.


Protective thermostat

Protection of the electric heater against temperature rise above allowed. At t +65°C, the heater must be switched off automatically. When t +90°С is reached, it is necessary to manually reset the overheating accident of the electric heater. The thermostat is a standard element of an electric heater.


Bimetallic element mounted inside a metal case.

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