Water heater SWH

Water heater SWH

SWH water heaters are designed for air heating in air conditioning systems and rectangular ventilation systems.
Артикул: ARPD0284


Operating parameters:

• Max. allowed water temperature 100°C.

• Max. allowed pressure 1.6 MPa.

• The nomograms show the operating parameters of the heaters for normal water temperature drop, different flow rates and air temperature at the inlet.

Place of installation:

The rules for choosing the location of the heater in the ventilation system are the following:

• If the heat carrier is water, the heaters are intended only for indoor use in rooms where the temperature must be higher than the freezing point of water.

• External use is possible only in case the coolant is a non-freezing mixture (for example, ethylene glycol solution). Water heaters can work in any position that is provided by their deaeration.

• Access for maintenance and control over the heater must be provided. An air filter must be installed before the heater to protect it from contamination.

• To achieve the maximum power, the heater must be connected as counterflow.

• If the heater is in front of the fan, its power must be adjusted so that it does not exceed the maximum allowable temperature of the air transferred by the fan.

• If the heater is located behind the fan, it is recommended to design an element between the fan and the heater that stabilizes the air flow (for example, an air duct with a length of 1 - 1.5 m).


SWH design

The case of the heater is made of galvanized sheet. Pipe collectors are welded from steel pipes with a surface covering with synthetic paint. The heat transfer surface is made of aluminium plates with a thickness of 0.1 mm, stretched over copper tubes. The basic design is two-row with alternating geometry. All heaters are tested for air tightness at a pressure of 2 MPa for 5 minutes under water.

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