Freon coolers SDC

Freon coolers SDC

SDC freon coolers are designed to cool the air in air conditioning and ventilation systems.
Артикул: ARPD0287

SDC design

The heat exchange surface of the plate recuperators is a set of specially profiled aluminium plates with a thickness of 0.2 mm.

The case of plate recuperators is made of galvanized steel sheet and is equipped with special flanges for their installation in systems of ventilation and air conditioning.


The main characteristics of plate recuperators are their efficiency, as well as resistance in the duct system.


Operating parameters:

Some amount of condensate may appear on the plates of plate recuperators, so they must be equipped with taps to drain it.

The basic configuration of SR plate recuperator includes a fitting that is installed on the removable panel. The design of the removable panel is a kind of tray in which condensate accumulates.


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