SKS Design

SKS Design

It is designed for mixing of supply and recirculation streams of air. To maintain the desired air temperature all year round by gently admixing of recirculated air into supply air. The SKS mixing chamber saves thermal energy throughout the year.
Артикул: ARPD0296


SKS Design

The mixing chamber SKS consists of two parallel dampers operating in antiphase, and one cross (recirculation) damper which allows to carry out air mixing.

The case of the SKS mixing chamber is made of galvanized steel sheet. Rotary plates are made of aluminium profile. The tightness of the damper is achieved due to the rubber seal, which is installed on each rotary plate.

The plates are rotated by a gear drive. The set of the mixing chamber includes three shafts for actuators.


Operating principle

Aerodynamic parameters of rectangular SRC air dampers


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