Equipment for dehumidification and ventilation of air in rooms with intensive moisture release. Are made in various modifications therefore are perfectly suitable for application in pools of all types and aqua parks
Артикул: ARPD0010


from 3 000 m³/h to 32 000 m³/h

The standard lineup is presented in 11 standard sizes:


  • This solution prevents condensation, corrosion, mould and fungus, prevents the destruction of load-bearing structures.

  • Double energy efficiency is provided by joint work of the plate recuperator and the heat pump.

  • The environment in which POOLSTAR operates is aggressive because chlorine is used in swimming pools. In addition, there is constant contact with humid air.

  • For additional corrosion protection, all interior panels are made of high-quality steel coated with anti-corrosion powder paint.

  • PoolStar units are equipped with a set of automation that can be easily integrated into a single management and scheduling system of the facility. Depending on the thermophysical characteristics of the room, automation selects the optimal mode of saving equipment for ventilation and dehumidification.


  • For rooms with limited space, it is possible to perform an energy-efficient supply and exhaust system with a heat pump and without a plate recuperator, as well as a supply unit with a heat pump and a mixing chamber.

  • Possibility to equip it with an electric heater

  • Painting in any colour of the RAL palette



The recuperation system allows reusing of the energy of the exhaust air from the room to heat and cool the air from the outside. The use of recuperator gives an opportunity to reduce the total energy consumption by 60%, which is especially important considering the rapid increases of energy prices.


Corrosion-resistant aluminium foil coated with epoxy resin for aggressive environments.

It has a strong connection of plates thanks to double folding.

Pressure stability due to five-fold thickness of material.

  • The distance between the plates of 6.5 mm increases the drying efficiency.

  • This design avoids pressure losses without performance reduction.

  • Efficiency: up to 85%, depending on the size and operating parameters.


Allows the use of electrical and heat energy for dehumidification and heating as efficiently as possible.
The pump does not require an external compressor condensing unit, which reduces costs for installation work. Thermal section pump drains and maintains temperature air in a given range.

  • environmentally friendly refrigerant R410a
  • high efficiency
  • individual automation


The heat exchanger has two circuits: in one circuit water from the pool circulates, through another circuit hot gas circulates which after condensation transfers he at to a water stream passes.

  • compact;

  • minimum internal volumes;

  • high working pressure;

  • self-cleaning of working surfaces;


Built-in automation allows you to adjust the unit to the optimal operating modes: basic mode “winter”, “winter min”, “active drainage”, “fast heating”, “summer”, “summer +”, “summer ++” (additional option), thanks to which you can significantly save energy.

Winter (Basic Mode)

The main mode for winter time when there are people in the room.
Dehumidification and supply of fresh heated air to the pool is carried out.

Fans running at 100%
Fresh air admixture 30%
The heat pump is running

Winter min

It is used when the pool is not in use, the water mirror is covered or there is no water in the pool.
Fresh air is supplied to the room for a minimum number of people (service personnel).

Fans running at 80%
Recirculation 80%
Fresh air admixture 20%

Rapid heating

Designed for conditions when there are no people in the pool room and there is no moisture release, the water mirror is covered, or there is no water.
The water heater is working
in standby mode
Fresh air admixture 0%

Active dehumidification

It is used when there are no people in the pool, but active moisture release occurs. The unit operates in standby mode, maintaining a certain humidity due to the operation of the heat pump.
Recirculation 100%
Fresh air admixture 0%
The heat pump is running


The mode in which the pool room is ventilated with fresh warm air.
Maintaining a given moisture level is achieved by removing humid air and supplying warm dry air.

Fans running at 100%
100% fresh air
The heat pump is not working

Summer +

The mode is similar to the Summer mode, except that the supply air is not heated by the recuperator, but passes through the bypass.

Fans running at 100%
100% fresh air.

Summer ++ (optional)

The unit works as a general ventilation system. The mode is relevant during the warm period of the year when the humidity of the outside air is high.
The supply air passes through the recuperator, while the heat pump is switched on in reverse, removing excess heat from the supply air.

Fans running at 100%
Fresh air mix 100%

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