Energy-saving supply and exhaust ventilation unit with a rotary recuperator. Designed to create a comfortable microclimate in public buildings: schools, kindergartens, offices, banks, shops, residential and other facilities. Where savings are important due to reduced energy consumption.
Артикул: ARPD0221


from 1000 m³/h  to 14000 m³/h


  • Saves up to 85% of energy and operating costs due to the most energy-efficient components.

  • Does not require commissioning works. It is enough to connect the installation to the electric network and mount the air duct system.

  • Built-in automation. The controllers and all control elements are already set up and ready to go. The units are equipped with flow control and pressure support sensors.

  • Control the unit at any time from anywhere in the world with all convenient devices.



CrossStar unit in a basic configuration provides fresh air with acceptable parameters almost all year round. At "peak" summer loads conditioning mode can be realized by addition of the freon or water cooler from the channel series of the equipment.

At low temperatures, comfortable conditions in the room are achieved by completing the installation with a water or electric heater. Built-in automation allows you to work out additional modes without additional costs.


  • Water heating.

  • Reverse Freon heat exchanger.



The pocket design guarantees the increase of filtration area and provides maximum efficiency of dust collection.

  • Filtration class acc. to EN779: G4, F5, F7, F9
  • Working environment temperature: up to 80°C.
  • Humidity of the working environment: ≤100%.

Energy efficient EC motor

Brushless synchronous motor with electronic control. The speed is adjusted depending on the required load which leads to significant energy savings compared to the usual cycle of cascade power on-off, as well as reduces noise level.

  • EC-MOTOR WITH EFFICIENCY ABOVE 90% saves at least 30% more electricity than an AC motor.

  • Built-in EMC filter protects against phase loss and low voltage in the network.

  • Protection against overheating of the motor and electronics, and protection against rotor lock.

  • No starting currents.

  • The absence of the frequency converter saves installation space.

  • Allows reduction of the rotation speed up to 10%.

  • Possibility of data exchange via MODBUS RTU protocol

  • Flow Grid technology: air flow rectifier

  • High working pressure: up to 2500 Pa.

  • Wide range of rated voltage: 1 ~ 200..277V or 3 ~ 380..480V 50/60Hz


Minimal energy losses per square meter of surface. Improved thermal insulation. Increased mechanical strength.


  • Ultralight composite material ZAmid.

  • 3D blades in the form of water drops.

  • Profiled blade.

  • Low tonal noise.


In rotary recuperators, heat transfer from the exhaust air to the supply air is carried out through a rotating cylindrical rotor, which consists of a package of thin metal plates.

This solution reduces energy consumption by 30%.

The accumulating mass of the rotor consists of corrosion-resistant aluminium foil.

The corrugated foil tape is wound on the wheel along with the straight tape. Depending on the size of the wave, air ducts of different sizes are created.

  • Foil thickness: from 0.07 to 0.12 mm.

  • Height of foil waves: from 1.6 to 2.5 mm.

  • Moisture recovery depends on the temperature difference between the outside and exhaust air.

  • Efficiency: up to 88%, depending on the size and operating parameters.


  • Switching on / off the unit from the control panel.
  • Automatic pressure maintenance with automatic derating at low outdoor temperatures.
  • Adjustment of the electric preheating power at low outdoor temperatures.
  • Automatic reduction of fan speed in case of insufficient preheating power.
  • The controller is provided with the function of air reheating (water / electric heating selection).
  • The reheating temperature is set during commissioning in the range from +16 to +26 ° С.
  • Connection of air damper electric drives is provided.
  • Input for signaling an alarm from the fire alarm system.
  • Relay input for connecting a CO2 / humidity / IAQ sensor or any other sensor, on the signal of which the unit switches to the maximum speed.
  • Filter clogging control by hour meter.
  • Setting up the operation of the unit by a daily timer.
Technical data
Installation and operation manual
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