A complete solution for local ventilation of small and medium-sized residential and office space.
Артикул: ARPD0239


to 1400 m3/h

Air consumption, m3/h


  • Collaboration of innovations. Comfort. Cosiness.

  • Safety. Provides well-being and sound sleep. It is very important for human health that the level of CO2 in the apartment does not exceed 600 ppm. The ventilation system maintains the required level of oxygen in the air and controls the CO2 content.

  • Protects against viruses, bacteria, allergens. Filters make it possible to supply only the cleared fresh air from the street into the room.

  • Prevents the formation of excessive moisture. High thermal insulation of modern houses leads to the accumulation of moisture and allergens. High humidity leads to the growth of fungus, mould and reproduction of dust mites.

  • Energy efficient system reduces heating and electricity costs by maintaining the required temperature in the apartment.

  • Easy integration into the “Smart Home” system

  • Recuperator efficiency: 79%


  • Water heating; electric heating. In case by means of utilization of heat of the removed air it is not possible to reach the set temperature of supply air, there is an opportunity to install additional air heater.

  • Water cooling

  • Freon cooling

  • Bypass. Opens automatically when it is necessary to cool the room with the help of cool street air in summer.

  • Reversible heating

Installation with heat recovery

The recuperation system allows reusing of the energy of the exhaust air from the room to heat and cool the air from the outside.

"Free cooling" mode (free cooling) is an energy-efficient cooling technology of the object by means of supply of cold filtered outside air from the street directly into the room. This mode is possible when the outside air temperature is lower than the temperature inside the room.



  • Efficiency up to 80% is guaranteed by the patented technology and depends on parameters of work of the unit.

  • Optimized pressure loss with the help of computer simulation.

  • Additional tightness thanks to double edge technology.

  • Meets PassiveHouse and EUROVENT standards.


Meets international hygienic requirements.

EC motor

 Brushless synchronous motor with electronic control. The speed is adjusted depending on the required load which leads to significant energy savings compared to the usual cycle of cascade power on-off, as well as reduces noise level.

• EC-MOTOR WITH EFFICIENCY ABOVE 80% saves at least 30% more electricity than an AC motor.

• Built-in EMC filter protects against phase loss and low voltage in the network.

• Protection against overheating of the motor and electronics, and protection against rotor lock.

• No starting currents. The absence of the frequency converter saves installation space.

• Allows reduction of the rotation speed up to 10%.

• Possibility of data exchange via MODBUS RTU protocol



• Switch on/off the settings from the control panel.

• Select one of the 3 fan speeds.

• Adjust the power of electric preheating at low outside air temperatures.

• The fan speed reduced automatically when the preheating power is insufficient.

• Regulate a duct electric heater that maintains a comfortable temperature of the air supplied to the room.

• The heating temperature is set during adjustment in the range from +16°C to +26°C.

• Connect automatic air damper

• Receive notifications from the fire alarm system.

• There is a relay input for connection of the sensor of CO2 / humidity / IAQ or any other sensor on which signal the unit switches to the maximum speed.


Technical data
Installation and operation manual
3D model
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