Boxes for HEPA filters of a special class of filtration. Used in supply ventilation for air cleaning from contaminants of all types, including small particles with a diameter of 2.5 and 10 micron, and microorganisms. In clean rooms: air handling units in hospitals; operating rooms, intensive care units, wards for premature babies and appropriate adjoining rooms; pharmaceutical industry; genetic engineering and microbiology; food industry and other premises with high requirements for cleanliness class.
Артикул: ARPD0270


  • Even distribution of air stream through system of filter inserts;

  • Compact design;

  • High operational safety;

  • Hermetic design, thanks to the U-shaped sealing profile;

  • Continuous work;

  • Thanks to the various frames, panels and housing profiles equipped with splitters, the filters can be adapted to the appropriate ceiling design.

  • 4 easy-to-use, non-slip clamping elements for higher filter density;

  • installation of air distributors is carried out by means of the central or 4-point locks;

  • the case for HEPA filters with the overall depth of 78 mm;

  • the OCP case (without HEPA filter) can also be delivered for exhaust units, in this case measuring and testing devices are not required.

  • measuring device supplemented with a U-shaped sealing profile;

  • tube for test aerosol supply (concentration check);

  • case for HEPA filters of classes E11 to H14, equipped with dry flat U-shaped profile with expanded polyurethane foam;



* Current equipment specifications are available in the AeroSelect  program. Do not forget to check them with your manager.

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