RoofStar can be used for complex air treatment in warehouse terminals, hypermarkets, manufacturing plants, stadiums, restaurants, cafes, theaters and other buildings. It is installed both on the roof of the building and at ground level on a specially prepared site.
Артикул: ARPD0392

Air consumption:
3000 - 16000 m³/h

Execution variant:

  • heat pump,
  • gas heating,
  • electric heating,
  • cooling only,
  • gas heating + heat pump,
  • electric heating + heat pump.

For roof air conditioners there is an opportunity to pick up additional optional equipment that improves the individual approach to each object.


  • Saving space and money.

  • Built-in economizer.

  • Monoblock design of the conditioner.

  • High energy efficiency (EER and COP).

  • Low noise level.

  • Easy to install and maintain.

    The use of an intuitive control system, design solutions (for example, the use of adjustable fans with direct drive) and easy access to the units of the unit simplify the maintenance of the equipment.


RoofStar units, from the 5th to the 16th size inclusive, have a frame construction consisting of an aluminum shape and galvanized panels filled with mineral wool.
The panels are galvanized, externally painted with powder paint.

The panels are galvanized, externally painted with powder paint.

Removable panels and doors provide free access to all elements of the roofing conditioner, allowing to carry out maintenance work with ease.
The RoofStar design allows you to combine the side of connection to external power sources and service access.
The side is determined relative to the direction of air flow, right or left.

Recirculation air fan

It is placed in a basic frame of the roofing conditioner.

High-tech blades are used in condenser fans. Thus it was possible to reduce air turbulence, increase heat transfer efficiency and reduce the noise level of the unit.

Spiral compressor
Provides effective work of the unit at incomplete loading.

class G4 (efficiency - more than 90%) and fire resistance class M1; the delivery set includes a galvanized frame which existence simplifies cleaning and replacement of the filter. Included in the standard delivery set.

Built-in economizer
Allows to mix and process fresh air and air from the room and to give out already processed clean air inside.

Modicon M172 controller


Technical data
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